Our story telling

  • 2021: We keep going

    Under my leadership a new, motivated and dynamic global freelance team are helping me develop the “2minutes de bonheur” across the globe. What is our secret to success ? To begin every meeting with a card from the “2minutes” game itself!

    My creativity has already shone through; I developed a new game “2 minutes en famille ! ”(only in French for the moment).

    We are integrating Silver Alliance, a group of companies serving the older, retired population to grow old in their own homes.

    It’s time to expand the concept in English. We’re so excited!

  • 2020: Moving and expanding

    Time for a new start as we relocated to the Boston area. Covid-19 began and so did the confinement.  A new opportunity emerged, and we created a pamphlet for couples (I myself would have dreamed of receiving one in the past)! The pamphlet creation was a monthly activity to discuss with a partner, away from kids and without a cell phone!

    « 1 temps pour 2 » (only in french for the moment) was born and included tips and tasks for reflection. All those ingredients allowed us to explore new fields and reinforce the complicity in a couple.

  • 2019: Novelty!

    The concept “ Take some time to be happy”  takes shape to support the 2-minutes card games.

    The podcast Bulle de Bonheur was launched in April.

    In May we launched a new game for women 15 to 105 years of age; “2 minutes les filles” (only in french).

  • 2018: We kept going!

    We had more challenges to face, and I loved it!

    The good times increased as did the sales of our games. I spent a lot of time on 2 minutes ensemble ! . The stakes were big. I wanted all persons feeling isolated to have the chance to experience moments of happiness. There was a lot left to do!

  • 2017: Adaptability is my new philosophy!

    The player communities of the “2-minute” games grew, as did my participation in conferences and workshops, increasing my workload and passion to develop these games.

    Player feedback filled me with enthusiasm and gave me a burst of energy, leading to the creation of a third game: 2 minutes together !, (soon in English) 52 cards to connect generations! This was the start of a new challenge.

  • 2016: Games designed to take the time to be happy !

    This became the motto of the brand “2Minutes”, “2minutesmonamour for couples” and “2minutespapa” (only in French), which launched the games series. The goal was to create bonding and complicity!  The timing was perfect, as I needed them myself! I left Bruxelles for Montreal, and my children stayed behind in France. My family became smaller but the world around me grew larger. I reinvented myself and developed my creativity.

  • 2015: What a concept !

    Fulfilled with my work, I realized that everyday life is spent on children, family, work, household chores, and friends, but where was the time allocated for the couple ? That is when the bright idea came to me….one card a day for 2 minutes, to increase complicity between partners. I dared to explore this idea with a another therapist and we created our first card games for couples: Fol-Lovers

  • 2013-2014 : I started filling my tool box

    Convinced that the quality of communication is the fundamental key to healthy relationships,  I continued working as a therapist while completing complimentary training and certificates in transactional analysis, sexology, and synergology. I was thrilled to discover positive psychology, and had a blast!

  • 2012: Where is the instruction manual to better understand my husband and my children?

    Together with another family therapist, we decide to create concrete tools to improve communication within a partnership and/or a family. The adventure begins!

  • 2010: Reinventing myself

    As a newly certified family therapist in France living in Bruxelles, my enthusiasm for supporting couples and families grew, alongside numerous ideas.